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For Dad

You gently close your eyes
and slowly drift away as if to sleep.
I know the time has come
for you to spread your wings as I weep.

I desperately search for answers
that I already know I will not find.
The tears fall in rivers from my eyes
over this shell that is left behind.

I can hear them calling to you gently…
wings beating softly in the distance.
Watching over you and patiently waiting
as you go to them without resistance.

The angels have called you away
To a paradisiacal home in the sky.
I know that you are no longer in pain
but all I can do is sit here and cry.

Will I hear the whisper of your wings
if you look down on me from up high?
Will you watch over me until the day
I too can shed this shell …
and become a butterfly.

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