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m.y. a.r.t.w.o.r.k.
o.t.h.e.r. a.r.t.i.s.t.s.
w.i.n. m.y. a.w.a.r.d.


The beauty of it all.

I am drawn to things that tend to reside a little more on the

darker side. Things that usually make the average person scratch

their head wondering why I am so facinated by something they consider

to be so strange. I think one of the most breathtaking scenes is a

graveyard at night. Let me paint the picture for you...

a full moon hangs softly against the coal black sky, highlighting

the rough edges of stones that stand before you in rows. The white

dust of an early snow sparkles up at you, reflecting bits of light

like minute jewels. You notice three red roses resting in a tiny

metal vase of the first stone you come to. They have wilted and

stiffened from the harsh bite of the cold. Your breath escapes as

misty vapors in the crisp air. You slowly trace your finger over

each chiseled letter on the marble as you read the words carved

upon the headstone.

Forget the typical dream of a cute little house in the suburbs

with a white picket fence. I would prefer a looming stone house,

tucked away behind large twisted trees, a black iron fence and

vines climbing over everything.

Castles, gargoyles, gothic art, black candles on tall floor

pedestals, horror stories and ledgends, Halloween...

these are a few of my favorite things.

Sometimes people tend to judge things as evil or wrong if they

do not understand. They can miss the underlaying beauty of it all.

Everyone at some point in their life has had dark thoughts.

It is a natural part of being human and should be accepted.

Sometimes people express their darker side in very unhealthy ways.

Causing pain is sometimes necessary and can be very benificial.

(surgery,deep tissue massage, exercise, or a broken heart.)

Causing pain can be a grey area with the determining

factor being the intent behind the action. Keep in mind that any

action can be used to hurt someone. Even words can cause pain if

they are used in a cruel manner. This fine line can also

unintentionally be crossed by not considering or other people's


Sometimes pain is used to increase pleasurable sensations

particularly in a sensual way. Dark pleasure (D&S, S&M, B&D) is

generally misunderstood. Most people see a leather whip and they

cringe at the thought of intense pain and welts. This is usually

not the case at all. When it is done right it can be just about

as unpleasant a sensation as scratching an itch is.

I believe that there should be a healthy balance between our

dark side and our light side. I do not believe it is healthy to

pretend that our darker side does not exist. Having a dark side

makes us human, acting upon it in a cruel manner makes us an


Our darkside is not evil unless we choose to make it that way.

It can be exciting, beautiful, and creative. It is the

thrill of falling from the top of a roller coaster, screaming in

terror as we plummet faster and faster, only to get in line

again. It is adrenaline, fear, uncertainty, misery, loss,

struggle, etc. It can help us to find our own strength when we

need it the most. We must learn to overcome some of life's biggest

obstacles during our darkest moments.