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Have you ever had something magical happen to you

that you don't quite understand?

Something that leaves you wondering why...

why it happened to you?

Why you now feel a dull ache in your soul...

some kind of void that you never really noticed before,

but you know has always been there?

Something that seems to make sense in such a bizarre way,

and yet the answer to the puzzle is still just beyond your reach?

Something that makes your hair stand on end

and sends icy chills slowly creeping down your spine

from the intense electricity in the air?

Something that seeps through the pores of your flesh,

to sink into deep receses and pull at your very essence?

Something that lets you know you are very much alive

with a powerful jolt striaght to your core?

Something that is more unpredictable than the weather,

but only seems to happens a few times in your life?

Written by Solaris