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This is Spawn

Spawn is a comic published and created by:

Todd McFarlane

The story

A long time ago, I was a soldier...a hero...a husband. Wanda was my whole life...when I had one. I did a lot of bad things for the country I loved. When I couldn't stand it anymore, I confronted my comander, Jason Winn. I refused to take his orders. So he found someone who would. And my "good buddy" Chapel carried them out. Perfectly. They gave me a hero's funeral. "But I'm not ready to die!," I told them. They couldn't hear me. But someone could. "You don't have to die," the dark one told me. "I can give you your life back, for a small price." "A small price" meant an eternity of servitude. I jumped at the chance. After all, I had so much to live for. But the dark one lied. I made him a promise -- and he made me his slave. He mad me his --SPAWN--. He gave me power I'd never asked for. More power than I could possibly imagine. And he gave me a life. But not my life. No, my life had passed me by. Now I live in an alley with others like me. Forgotten and unloved. Now, my only hope for redemption lies in doing good. To save my soul, I protect the innocent...the innocent I used to kill. And the dark one is not pleased. He promised me everything, and tortures me with nothing at all. But I will have my life back. I will win. I must win. Before it's too late...

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