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Except in rare cases, every human grows and develops within a culture. We learn by living with others. The Hierophant represents such official learning, especially in groups. A Hierophant is someone who interprets secret knowledge.

The Hierophant represents churches, schools, clubs, teams, companies, and societies. His realm is structured groups with rules and assigned roles. Such environments emphasize belief systems - facts, rules, procedures, and ritual. Members are rewarded for following conventions. They develop a group identity.

In readings, the Hierophant often represents learning with experts or knowledgeable teachers. This card also stands for institutions and their values. The Hierophant is a symbol of the need to conform to rules or fixed situations. His appearance in a reading can show that you are struggling with a force that is not innovative, free-spirited or individual. Groups can be enriching or stifling, depending on circumstances. Sometimes we need to follow a program or embrace tradition, other times, we need to trust ourselves.

getting an education:

pursuing knowledge, becoming informed, increasing understanding, studying and learning, seeking a deeper meaning, finding out more

having a belief system:

sharing a cultural heritage, learning a religious tradition, honoring ritual and ceremony, identifying a world view, following a discipline, knowing where to put your faith


following the rules, taking an orthodox approach, staying within conventional bounds, adapting to the system, fitting in, going along with the program, doing what's expected, being part of the Establishment

identifying with a group:

being committed to a cause, devoting energy to a group, joining an organization, working as part of a team, feeling loyal to others, being in an institutionalized setting