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Vampire: the Masquerade (VtM) is a role-playing game in which players act as a vampire character in a story. There are a few rules that are used mainly to avoid arguments and to add a deeper sense of realism to the story. These rules direct and guide the progress of the story, and help define the capacities and weaknesses of the characters. As a player in a Vampire Live Action chronicle, you will take on the persona and role of a vampire, whom you invent and then role-play over the course of a story. The life of your character is in your hands, for it is you who decides what the character says and does. You decide what risks to accept or decline. As the story flows, the characters direct and energize the progress of the plot, not the decisions of the Storyteller.

From its ancient nights as a clan of mystic diabolists to its present as a group of revered and feared assassins, the Assamites have maintained a special place in the World of Darkness.

The Brujah are rebellious and violent Kindred.

These wanderers and outlanders are both hated and feared by their Kindred - and for good reason.

Formerly a family of ruthless Venetian merchants, the Giovanni rose to prominence on the corpses of their vampiric patrons. No deed is beneath these morbid and secretive vampires.

Masters of deception and intrigue, the Lasombra consider themselves the leadership of the Sabbat. No other Kindred so fully embrace what it means to be a vampire.

The insanely insightful vampires within the World of Darkness.

Horrifyingly ugly and relegated to the sewers and darkness by their beautiful brethren, these undead have created an entire world beneath the domain of mortals.

The Followers of Set... masters of moral and spiritual corruption. Now the Setites reveal why they have taken the path they follow, and show the world a whole new darkness.

The beautiful socialites and artists. With one foot in the world of the undead and one in the world of mortals, the Toreador enjoy the best (and worst) of both worlds.

Born of murder and greed, created for power and destruction, Tremere is the most feared of the Camarilla clans.

Known for their twisted practices and unshakable cruelty. Called fiends even by other vampires, the Tzimisce are the masterminds behind the Sabbat.

The politicians and the most powerful and influential of all vampires

***A QUICK NOTE TO CLARIFY AN ISSUE: No where on these vampire/vampyre pages does it classify the vampire/vampyre lifestyle as "goth" nor is it my intent to represent it as such.***