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m.y. a.r.t.w.o.r.k.
o.t.h.e.r. a.r.t.i.s.t.s.
w.i.n. m.y. a.w.a.r.d.


***A QUICK NOTE TO CLARIFY AN ISSUE: No where on these vampire/vampyre pages does it classify the vampire/vampyre lifestyle as "goth" nor is it my intent to represent it as such.***

There is thick layer of fog lingering just above the ground making

it even more difficult than usual to see at night. A tire on your

car went flat and since you were not very far from home, you

decided to walk the rest of the way. You can just barely make out

the hazy outline of a harvest moon hanging overhead in the cloud

filled night sky. A few leaves scurry across your path hurried

along their way by the wind. They make a gentle scratching sound

against the pavement as they are quickly wisked away and out of

sight. You notice that your hands have become quite cold from the

bitter breeze biting and stinging at them and you shelter them

away into your pockets. You think that a hot cup of herbal tea

with warm aromatic steamy vapors curling in the air will be nice

whenever you make it home. SNAP! A twig breaks and you are

instantly hurled away from your thoughts into the present moment.

You suddenly have a strange feeling that someone is watching you

from the shadows. Your heartbeat quickens as you realize that you

are no longer alone. You turn around fast to look behind you,

hoping to catch a glimpse of whoever is there...but you see nothing.

You feel a dark, looming prescence drawing nearer and nearer to

you. Your pace slowly increases faster and faster until you are

almost at a jog. Your breath is becoming labored and you must slow

your pace. You try to shake this feeling, telling yourself that

your mind playing tricks on you. But, you still feel that someone

is there...watching...waiting...somewhere in the shadows. An icy

chill shoots down your spine, you feel your hair begin to stand on

end, and goosebumps spread across your skin. Your adrenaline

instinctively shoots into overdrive. Your heart is beating so fast

and hard that it's intensity pounds loudly into your eardrums.

There is a cool breath upon the back of your neck...whispering

something in a language that you do not recoginze...but you

somehow understand the meaning is not good. It is too late to

turn around as the needle sharp teeth almost tenderly sink deep

into your flesh. Waves are rythmically pulsing across your body.

It is almost as if you are in a silent, hypnotic daze, unable to

move. Your body has developed a will of it's own and refuses to

break free from this strange, sensual feeling shooting through you.

Somewhere in the receses of your mind you think about crying out...

but only a soft incoherent murmur falls from your lips. You feel

your hands and feet begin to tingle as if they are falling asleep.

Your body is becoming colder and colder. You slowly drop to your

knees drifting in and out of conciousness...trying hard to hang on.

You feel a calm, peacefullness wash over you...asking you to

follow it deeper. You feel so very must

sleep...everything turns black and fades away for the last time.

Your cold, lifeless body is slowly laid down and a wicked grin

slowly spreads across the lips of the dark figure as it turns and

walks back into the shadows of the night.

: )(look closely at the date)( :