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Vampire/Vampyre Lingo (a mixture of several VtM and real vampyre terms):

Elder - a prominent member or founder of a House/Clan/Coven

Fledgling - a new member of a House/Clan/Coven

IMO - in my opinion

IRL - in real life

Kithal - mixed breed of two or more House/Clan/Coven bloodlines

LARP - (Live Action Role Play) pretending to be a vampyre in public for game purposes - acting

Mundane - a non vampyre or someone who does not understand the scene

RPG - role playing game

Sanguinarium - Houses/Clans/Covens of people who incorporate the vampyre existance into their lifestyle on a part or full time basis

Sigil - House/Clan/Coven symbol

Sire - Parent vampyre

Swan/White Swan - lover of a vampyre who accepts the scene but does not want to become part of it

Taingeil - Gaelic word for thank-you

Tenets - rules of a House/Clan/Coven

Thrall - slave or submissive of a vampyre

VH - vampyre hunter

Vampire - the myths and ledgends - Count Vlad Tempes

Vampyre - poeple who incorporate the vampire myth into their lives

WW - White Wolf publishing company

*Drinking real blood is discouraged by most elder vampyres as it is an extremely dangerous fetish! However, some vampyres claim that you are not a REAL vampyre unless you drink/crave blood. These web pages were created for educational purposes and were not meant to clarify who is or is not a real vampyre.*

***A QUICK NOTE TO CLARIFY AN ISSUE: No where on these vampire/vampyre pages does it classify the vampire/vampyre lifestyle as "goth" nor is it my intent to represent it as such.***

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